Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On Issues Of Control: The Director's Cut

Note: This touches upon some adult issues so viewer discretion is advised.

Hate is not love and love is not hate in this article or anywhere else in this blog.

My Stance On Mind Control

Control has come up recently in some of my stories ie the character Torman's abilities to "persuade" others to his side of the proverbial fence in my story Heroes Of Our Own.

This is one issue that comes up often around here and by some of my stalkers on the issue of "mind control". I am going to address that and my views on mind control both imagined and real.

Influence And Proximity

There are some people who believe that their being actually fuels the drive and morality of others by means other than inspiration. In this sense they might believe that others are in their presence or proximity imbued with an augmented sense of good and capability that they would not otherwise have. Some even believe that their presence augments the personality of others aside from their being inspiring. In the Far East this custom is more linked to their respect for their ancestry and the respect for others when it comes to interactions and especially in business dealings. It is customary to do something good after such an interaction to honour the person with whom you interacted and their heritage and a good omen of things to come between you and them. A much different aspect than what I talk about below.

Locally things are a bit different as there are a few people that literally believe that their being fuels better thought and morality than otherwise people on their own would have. There are even people who might even call this effect a form of control and when in the presence of their spouse or someone whom they sought to be with in such a manner, they might even feel that such a person's mind and persona was improved beyond its normal capabilities by their presence or even infused with their persona and abilities.

Invasive Remote Influence

In addition there are people mostly operating in groups who try via the natural biomagnetic field of the human body, to literally connect to the nervous system of another person and manipulate and even control others via this effect for which there is a lot of scientific proof. Being able to trigger the production of hormones such as cortisol in the human body remotely or even being able to connect to the cognitive processes of another person is within the realm of possibility and is another form of control. Some people subject to such activity often experience anxiety attacks and other momentary behavioural disorders. Not to mention that if someone can life hack your cognition, they could literally shoulder surf your life experiences, including those for which you might share with another person. That's kind of cognitive voyeurism and I don't know about you, but I'd not want a group of passengers on board my cognition when I am having an intimate moment with someone that I love. 

Protecting Against It?

Again this is an area that Asian and Far East traditions such as Qigong, Reiki and Yoga might offer a means of help and protection against misuse seeing as they've been using biomagnetism and Chi, Qi or Prana in healing for about three thousand years. As well, clinical hypnosis (ironically another perceived form of control) might be another area that might provide some disciplinary as well as reinforcement and protection against such misuse of these natural properties of the human body.

Do You Really Care About The One You Love?

The morality of such issues come down to how one person regards others when getting to know someone and especially in regard to how they value people and especially their partner.

If one believes that their partner or friend is somehow imbued with better personality or abilities by their being and presence (love aside as it can have a positive effect on all partners) then how can one say that they even distinguish between people if they don't love the mind of their partner, the thing that makes her (or him) different from others. To try to control someone against their will is to love yourself more than their mind alone really and to regard their body as the part of them that you love and not their mind. Why not get a blow up doll as it would be the same thing?

Role Play Is Safe And Fun

Now as a person that is into control this might seem hypocritical coming from me, but let me explain first. Every partner that I've had in life (with the exception of one or two situations that should never have happened) I've loved their mind the most and their body and any interactions between us were great because of their mind and creativity. The most important part about your being with someone intimately. When you as adults play with someone I hope that if you do play and not try something like control for real. Why not include the mind and creativity of your partner in such fantasies especially if you'd do the same for them? A big difference in the idea because you're both involved in such intimacy creatively and that is important. That's the difference between really loving your partner and just going out and buying a blow up doll. It implies that you want to play a part in their fantasies with your creativity as much as you'd like to see their interpretation of your own.

Anyone who feels they imbue another human being with better being otherwise by their presence or blood obviously does not really care about the one thing that makes their partner different from everyone else: their mind.

The Problem?

There are people whose logic dictates that if they can make you react via such means, that you are under their control. The same people use the logic that in such a case that they have the right to steal the credit for your deeds if they're good while taking the blame for your deeds if they're bad. So this group of people has devised a scheme of doing this whereby they attempt to get a bad reaction by provocation from their victim just after the victim has done something exceptional. Such a group use that as a means to get at the deeds of their victim, taking the credit for them in exchange for taking the blame for the victim's reaction. Some people even believe this reaction effect to be "the mark of the beast" meaning that you haven't got a real consciousness of your own. This can have some severe connotations as there are people who will take advantage of this and often. 

The "strangers" aka the Culdar Rath in my story A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth use this method to discredit their victims. In the township of the colony in that story, the strangers and the hunters use this method to set up their "Wytches". Their goal was to make these "Wytches" appear guilty of their crimes while taking the good deeds, material wealth and even the past of the supposed "Wytches". By making the Wytches seem reactionary to the charges, they assure the easy passing of bounties for them and the support of other people. Those people who jump on board get the advantage of being able to dump their "sins" onto these Wytches who are put to death or flee to a place of exile. In other words, the citizens of the colony are going along with it as a way to swap their deeds to their victims and to take the good deeds of their victims and then either kill them or send them packing. The victims are often pit against the entire township beforehand (there are a few sympathizers but they stay low for fear of falling victim themselves). There's a lot more to it than that, but that is one element of the plot. A real problem that is occurring now and in real life in some areas. Around here the same activity results in a lot of identity theft, theft of deeds and abuse by the practitioners of this ideology. You can literally have whole sections of your life stolen and end up being sent packing with someone else's deeds. Its happened to me four times already and that means having to build from the ground up every time with the burden of deeds that you have nothing to do with. Often so bad that it results in you having a difficult time trying to find honest alternative means to support yourself. 

The Bottom Line

Trying to control people against their will is wrong. If you like it, then role play it creatively with your partner or partake of the many mediums that allow you to explore such an avenue without affecting others.

As I've stated in a prior post, many women in the ninteen sixties and seventies were harmed similarly when a group of people in those generations tried to affect them via the same means of control via remotely induced production of hormones triggering anxiety attacks. This ultimately resulted in a generation of women ending up on Prozac, a drug which reduces the effects of the body's response to it's own naturally occurring hormones. The only way that Doctors knew how to protect them because nobody else believed the women when they tried to explain about what was happening to them.

Nobody controlled me into writing this by the way and hate is not love and love is not hate. Let's keep the polarity where it should be.

[Update: 9:35 PM July 16, 2014]

Since posting this blog entry, several people in my neighbourhood have ramped up their harassment effort (I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada near just south of Dundas on Sherbourme). A great neighbourhood in some ways but unfortunately there are some that utilize aggressive love and hate to empty their victims of their good and to turn them into their garbage bags. These are people against my love interest being Oriental as well whom have been organized in doing this for a while. They are amongst a group of people who have access to illegal eavesdropping technology in the area which gives them a head's up when there's computer activity from my computer before a posting or when I write. The group unfortunately abuse this power for the purposes as harassing me whenever I write or work mostly. Often the group will abuse this power to literally steal my identity or the persona that writes these entries and stories and wear that identity as their own. The context of mind control comes into play because these people are among some that use the techniques described above to provoke reaction and claim the credit for the good deeds of their victim. There are a lot of people who secretly support what I am doing here, but unfortunately like the townfolk in my book, they can't help for fear of falling victim to the same thing themselves. These stalkers don't operate alone and often target their victims everywhere their life takes them. I am not a Felon nor do I have a criminal record or abuse issues and I don't use my computer for anything illegal so there is no real justification for such a thing. 

Stay Safe And Be Well And Safe Playing
Brian Joseph Johns

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Update

Happy FIFA weekend. Hopefully you are enjoying yours as I am enjoying mine just taking it easy.

I added a couple of chapters to Our Place (yesterday), digging into the story line a little deeper and revealing a bit more about the nature of it's plot. I hope you like it so far.

To add to the little soap opera that has been developing around here, it turns out that there is a cult locally that makes a competitive game out of people's lives in several ways.

The first way is a team based social game where members of various groups try to influence their target in some way or another and trick them into doing things they would not do, or into going against things they've stood for. This game is their "control" game as they literally measure and believe they can control a person and have made it into a competitive game of doing so. This game of course involves the need to keep track of their victims in every way, hence the eavesdropping technology and paranoia.

The second game is one where various groups compete for the credit of their victim's deeds as a means of paying for blood. Usually the groups involved make it a game of doing so before a person leaves an area, as the groups want to keep what good the person has done locally and give it to the person who is staying, meanwhile sending the local garbage with the person leaving. That`s kind of the gist of A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth. The groups doing so try to make their victim appear to be reactive so that others go along with this ruse. When you leave an area, they take the credit for your good actions while sending their garbage along with you. All of this if you lose their competition. The harassment is likely to get a person open because they want to take from you your ideas and opinions as frequently as they can and attribute them to other people in your vicinity. This is called getting a person open and is a big part of their ideology and their means of theft. Unfortunately because their eavesdropping gets your activities before you publish them, it is as if what you do on your computer is coming from a thousand other computers at the same time, so those looking for the real source of such activities might be misled as to their origins. They actually try to award that to a different person every time based upon seniority in their club or cult. In other words they take it from you before you have the chance to choose how you share it and spread it out amongst a network of people that operates independent of the internet. This independent network acts as a relay that feeds a realtime image of what is on your screen to others. Their machines appear just like yours as the relay appears to be near fullscreen and identical as it is a duplicate of the activity on your screen (much like remote desktop).

The last way involves making others pay for association or membership to a group by paying for their blood. That literally means either carrying the weight for their bad deeds, or giving up the credit for your good deeds to one of them. The group doing so were and are making such a thing more burdensome for others when it involved a mixed culture relationship that they did not agree with. What I mean in that regard is that if the group did not agree with the culture of your girlfriend, they would make her burden much more so than they would for others in order to break up the relationship and to encourage a more acceptable relationship. This is precisely what such a group does in terms of my love interest, first trying to figure out whom she might be and then making the burden bigger based upon her culture to reflect the kind of relationships that they will allow. Because she is Oriental the groups involved made that burden much worse than it normally would have been to both herself and myself.

These are the factors that have been affecting things around here and that is essentially the nature of the soap opera. First of all I would say for certain that nobody is controlling me, and definitely not into creating or writing any of the creations contained here or into doing anything else to contribute or share with the world in general. Most of the people where I'm from are like myself and just trying to share a bit in the interest of giving back and creating prosperity and the people doing this to myself and others are the exception rather than the rule. These groups operate under the idea that it is easier to steal the credit for something that you nothing to do with than it is to do it yourself. If you can fool the public into believing such an illusion, then you've essentially stolen what one person does right out of their hands.

For some people the idea of "control" is a fun role play game. Some adult couples play such games in their personal time relinquishing "control" to their partner consensually then reversing the roles. There is a whole medium of entertainment in the form of movies and games that contributes to that aspect of life and relationships and many couples and singles who partake of such things. That can be quite fun as both partners know it is role play and it is essentially consensual. When a person or a group of people try to do the same thing without consent to another person that is wrong. Using such a means to convince others that you are doing so to someone else without consent in order to steal from that person the credit for their deeds is absolutely immoral and inscrutable. It is unfortunate that there are people where I live that would try to do such a thing but as I've said, they are the exception rather than the rule. I would hope that most people that are into "control" are about role play and not trying to do so for real. There is plenty of entertainment to play as such. Why try to do so for real to someone when you have that as a means without hurting anyone. I am one such person who enjoys such role play and games, but would never try to do such a thing to someone else.

There's a whole generation of women who ended up on Prozac as a result of some people trying to do same thing to them. Why not love your partner and include her mind and creativity in your play.

Anyone who would try to take what you say or do by implying their control over you is the worst kind of thief that there is. A thief of someone else's identity and being.

Sorry that this might seem negative but this is truth and definitely what this cult are doing. I am definitely not a hater or even a negative person but I become filled with the negativity that the groups that do this attempt to fill you with.

The cult in this sense often refer to their activity as blue hell and around here that also includes illegal surveillance as well. The authorities seem to ignore it too. It is a cult that seems to attack you by ritualistic abuse in groups in place of someone else for their deeds. Substitution. And it is very aggressive and unfortunately even some of the authorities seem to ignore it despite the fact that I have no record. 

The cult doing this seem to think that I am dating someone that they refer to as "whore" just to let you in on their level of thinking. I am single and have never used the services of someone in such employ but I'd never use that word to refer to anyone regardless. I value companionship in such a way that I would hope that my partner would be committed to one partner as would I and that is what I seek.

It amazes me that people would use that word to refer to a lady and especially if that is her vocation. Words such as that are powerfully stigmatic cages for women, whether or not they are involved in such activity. The point being that when you refer to someone that way, it is stigmatic and abusive. If they were in such a vocation and wanted to change or escape their lifestyle, they could not as the stigma would cage them. It's amazing the difference between how men are praised for their sexual exploits (he's a stud) and women scorned (she's a whore).

The cult doing this look for words like what I just stated above to lay claim to them for themselves, often in order to get off the hook for mistreating women themselves or having referred to women in such a way as with the word "whore". 

The cult make it a game of swapping places. They say and sometimes do these horrible things like harassing a person in groups and mistreating them and then when their victim reacts and says something principled and meaningful, they swap places with their victim so that others think the victim the perpetrator and the perpetrators the victim. This is a means of theft the cult operate by. So they might start such a conflict and then when I react in defence of women, they attempt to trade places with me as the source of these words. That is the kind of identity theft this cult is into and about. Trading places in terms of their words and actions with the words and actions of someone else. By behaving in such a way they are creating the ante for this daily game they play and by the end of the day you have to avoid the garbage they've created and avoid having your words or deeds stolen from you. That is wrong! This stance does not change the fact that my love interest is Oriental despite the group seeming to want it to be someone else. I have to look at who accepted me when I was at my lowest to really know a person. Unfortunately the cult that I am surrounded by want it to be someone else and to paint that impression falsely to others despite the fact that I am currently single and have been for four years and two months.

That is actually how they appear to "build" people. Two at a time making it a game for the two to compete for the credit of their own truth (if it is better) or avoid the truth of the other persons (if it is worse). The biggest obstacles to this are my immediate neighbours who literally go all day and night with hate and negativity in attempt to provoke reaction. They want you to be on the "hate" side of things so they can claim that "hate means love", something that I would never go along with unless you are referring to a theatrical performance. 

Kind of like the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley though I am not rich and I am definitely not archetypal of the lead role despite the fact that Matt Damon is a great actor and performer. In my case it is like a group of people occasionally share my identity amongst themselves while keeping me laden with that of someone else for whom I receive a sort of ritualistic punishment in their place.

Possibly that is how this cult operate and how they reward success in this game of switching truths, by giving the "winner" short term companionship (I wouldn't put it past them judging by how they treat women) and likely why they would keep you single and nearly forcibly unemployed while they do this to you. Its harder to steal your truth if you have others in your life and easier to steal your portfolio too. Welcome to my portfolio. This cult have certainly made a mess of it in the last year. By mistreating me and often they would make my demeanor appear a bit mean and short tempered by doing so long enough. Nobody would ever believe that I could have written A Lady's Prerogative or Heroes Of Our Own.

That is a possibility of the motivation for the illegal surveillance. That I am being kept under surveillance in place of someone else. I find it absolutely unbelievable that this could happen in Toronto, Canada.

A New Place

I am currently in the process of looking for a new residence in Toronto, Ontario via Craigslist on a very modest budget. That may change with the future possibility of publishing and sales arrangements and by the good graces of my readers and potential customers (another means by which this cult might try to take you apart to others in order to reduce your potential customer base). If you see me coming, note that I don't smoke and am very tame, and am pretty clean with my place despite the treatment I've receiving here. I don't cause trouble and am pretty quiet when not instigated by groups of stalkers. Most of my work is quiet as well (not too much noise results from writing software, blogging or writing fiction and seeking a publishing deal). You might hear the occasional key tapping. I don't have parties and am rarely loud if at all and don't use any substances whatsoever though I occasionally drink. It sometimes helps keep the trolls quiet when you are writing.

Hate is not love and love is not hate (so this is not blue love).

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Friday, July 11, 2014


Hello again. Here's my daily spamming of the G+ channel with updates to my stories and a round of harassment complaints. Everything else is well.

There were Updates to Our Place and Heroes Of Our Own

There was once again a lot of attacks during the process of my writing by the local harassment club and once again on the basis of the culture of my love interest being Oriental. All of these stories are not really culture centric in one direction and I try to explore all aspects of life and culture either directly or through allegory.

There have been a lot of threats like "honeymoon chopped!" and other such statements from the harassers. I am not on a honeymoon because of course the harassers have made sure to take any social and career life from me. There is however no really good reason for doing so as I am not abusive but I suppose that by swapping my identity in such a way and soiling my repute in such a way it is difficult to get ahead. That doesn't stop others from trying. I guess stealing the words and deeds from someone whose life you've helped to crush is OK. The dangers of substitution now the question is how to get an investigator to look at the possibility of illegal eavesdropping being conducted in the area.

It seems like they take some kind of benefit that you might be entitled to for their own credit while keeping it secret from the people who offer this benefit that the stories or their effort was stolen by a group of people with this illegal eavesdropping technology and credited to someone else who was then given a gift of some form to pay for the benefit it caused. Heroes Of Our Own has caused a lot of stir in industries related to the beauty industry, but none of that has made its way once to me here.

Others have however received benefit from it in some ways which leads me to believe that someone is stealing the story with the use of this eavesdropping technology. I think that the groups doing this take what you do and use it to fuel their lives or the fact that you write to fuel the career of someone else, treating you like you don't exist if you don't have a "sponsor". Its like a bunch of people in this neighbourhood ganged up on me to steal from me the credit for my words and deeds without giving anything back in return while using them to fuel someone else's life. That's one way the illegal eavesdropping technology could be used and I think that they've been using it for a while on me.

They seem to try to provoke you into making such a judgement then making you seem paranoid or off when you do. Like they lure you into conflict then use the conflict to steal what you do from you and credit it to someone else as part of the rules to their club. I am a member of no such club that would do such a thing so hard to say how I deal with it. Maybe I should quit writing? Many of the group try to credit what you do to others that might have known you like they are swapping your identity with someone.

I've stated this before on other posts, but that idea really comes from the Gnostic ideas about marriage. To Gnostic ideology, the idea of gender is not bound to any one sex. That means that someone male can be a nurturer as much a lady and a lady can take on the role of provider and all of the roles in marriage and relationships are interchangeable. In Gnosticism the idea of same sex marriage has been there from the beginning because the idea of gender is not bound to our physical sex. That's what two become one really means. You can literally understand your partner better if you accept that you are partly feminine as you are masculine. Even our chromosomes reflect the same idea. Anyway, in some brands of this ideology it is common for one partner to carry all of the bad while relinquishing all of the good to the other partner based upon their individual needs for the day. The harassers are people that try to force this idea upon people who have no relationship between them. So they randomly select someone else to swap your identity with along with your deeds, making it almost game like in approach seeing who you end up with by the end of the day. 

The use of eavesdropping technology is one way the groups know who has accomplished something and what there is to take in such a way. The only difference is that they must make sure that credit does not go where it is due. So the clubs that conduct this eavesdropping are literally stealing what they monitor from one person's computer and applying it to someone else's life to fuel their career almost like a couple might do in marriage (including the ideas of Gnostic marriage). The problem is that they are forming up such associations randomly while another part of the community keeps the illusion and literally steals the victim's efforts and credits them elsewhere. So the victim literally sinks while they conduct such effort and someone else literally climbs. Often the victim's identity is literally swapped so the victim ends up with the deeds of the person they've been swapped with. If you were married then I don't see the big deal. If you're anything but in a loving relationship or married then I see a big problem as that is the worst form of theft there is. Taking from someone else the credit for their deeds before they even have a chance to benefit from them. I am a member of no such club that would allow such a thing so there is no excuse for it. I support gay and transgender marriage but I am heterosexual and my love interest is a lady. 

I see the Gnostic explanation of things in this sense as being a pretty well rounded and accepting of others. I don't see using any means to steal the words or deeds from another person or by claims of controlling or manipulating them as being sound at all either. 

Maybe by knowing about this it might protect you. Enjoy the new chapters.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Added a couple new chapters to the story Our Place to go with the tremendous amount of harassment from last night and this morning. I attempted to get as much done as I could before they caught on that I was writing but by about noon they had really gotten out of hand. Another group trying to credit anything that I write to some other people while swapping my identity with someone else. That person seems to be getting the rewards for my efforts

All of this is surrounding the culture of my love interest  (she's Oriental and she's a lady and that's a big no-no to a heritage group in the area). Around here it is literally a large scale game for them in the neighbourhood. This just gets worse as time goes on. They seem to be stealing writing and other things as I do them and crediting them to someone else remotely while keeping it a secret to others that seem to be a part of the same eavesdropping network. Probably trying to make me appear mentally ill which I am not. 

Does anyone know what hell hate is? That is what the members of this club claim they are often doing when doing that. Giving me hell hate. I guess they didn't like my support for gay rights or mixed culture relationships. 

How do community groups or others gain the right to conduct illegal eavesdropping on computers? They can literally use abuse for the purposes of censorship is they want me to stop writing and they are very aggressive in doing so. How does this happen in Canada in 2014? 

Just so you know, it seems to work like key logging as those doing it seem only to react when you associate your name with what you write. That is it broadcasts keystrokes as they occur so anyone could be typing it. Seeing as you might not type anything that would indicate who you are or who the owner of your creative property is if you are a writer, they could literally take anything. The neighbours often comment on it as it is written so there is definitely something very illegal going on. If you are writing creative fiction, the people responsible for the eavesdropping can literally just take it as it is stolen before it is published. I am not saying that my work is that good but that's not the point. Somebody is interested as there are many people involved.

Hate is not love by the way.

I hope you`re having more fun than I am.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Quick Update

Howdy. I am sorry for the nature of the last post, but not what I said and definitely stand by it 100%. I'll talk more about that in a bit below.

The Avengers: One Of The Greatest Comic Book Adaptions!

I got a chance to watch Marvel Entertainment's The Avengers once again last night and enjoyed it thoroughly again. It is in a tight spot with X-Men 2: X-Men United (they shouldn't have killed off Lady Deathstrike and Kelly Hu though), Spiderman 2, Iron Man (especially for the character work between Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr.) and The Dark Knight and Richard Donner's Superman as my favourite superhero movies of all time.

I am completely looking forward to the upcoming sequel as I am a comic book fan from the early days. Look for an upcoming Avengers related post. I am one of the few people in the city that still hasn't seen The Amazing Spiderman 2 but am looking forward to it. I won't compare it to Spiderman 2 as one of my favourite superhero movies of all time. Two completely different interpretations of the same character and each a different experience.

Here are other superhero or action titles I highly recommend that did not receive the same attention as some of the titles listed above but are incredible entries and must see movies:

Elektra - Stars Jennifer Garner in another comic book adaption spawned from Marvel's Daredevil film franchise, Elektra follows the origins of the assassin from her early days following her training and the aquisition of her unique abilities. The art direction in this film is incredible with the cinematographers definitely tipping their hats to the next movie listed here. Directed by Rob Bowman.

Hero - An incredible tale and epic work of art that follows the tale of a legendary swordsman and his pursuit of his quarry. Two lovers whose betrayal and forgiveness of each other only fuels their journey together. This film is a work of art visually as it is in dance, martial arts and palette. One of Quentin Tarantino's favourites. An incredible cast starring Maggie Cheung, Ziyi ZhangJet Li, Donnie Yen and Tony Chiu Wai Leung. Directed by Yimou Zhang.

Resident Evil Apocalypse - The sequel to the first movie in the video game franchise follows the story of Alice, the genetically engineered super weapon of the future in the form of a beautiful woman played by none other than Milla Jovovich. The story continues as Alice must help a rag tag team of special forces operatives rescue the daughter of a scientist and escape from Raccoon City which has become infected with the deadly T-Virus. Sienna Guillory plays Jill Valentine, another strong female lead along side Milla's that is complimented by that of Oded Fehr who plays Carlos Olivera. Directed by Alexander Witt.

The Fantastic Four - The Fantastic Four follows the lives of a wealthy scientist and his "family" after they are affected by cosmic rays that result in imbuing them with amazing powers. The characters are well founded and the atmosphere is like that of a family albeit a little bit dysfunctional like every interesting family. The sequel offers one of the rarities and catalyst of conflict in the superhero genre: a bachelor party and a wedding. Look for Chris Evans who is one of the few actors to actually play more than one popular superhero role in his life. Directed by Tim Story.

Cellular - Speaking of Chris Evans, here is a movie great movie that puts him in the role of the unwilling hero who receives a distress call from a beautiful stranger pleading for his help. A great movie with a great cast and though not a superhero movie, there are definitely heroes of super proportions. Excellent direction, music and editing too. Directed by David R. Ellis.

Unbreakable - Bruce Willis stars in this role much like his prior roles in Sixth Sense and Twelve Monkeys and definitely a must watch movie like the others listed here. Much like the Sixth Sense the dialogue in this film is as thoughtful and provocative as the story itself. After surviving a train crash with no other survivors, the main character finds himself being led down a path of discovery by a mysterious mentor who is played by Samuel L. Jackson. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Army Of Darkness - Perhaps the definitive cult film of the century, Army Of Darkness has spawned fans of the genre and made its director and cast known world wide. A man who was transported to the past while trying to rid the world of a treacherously evil book: The Necronomicon must finish his quest for the book and find his way home again. A comedy flick much more than a horror flick, it stars Bruce Campbell as the anti-hero Ash whose one liners and misdirection is laugh worthy for every watching. Directed by Sam Raimi.

Software Releases

I had a little bit of time to work on some upcoming releases, both of which are software titles and are utilities for Windows (possible port to other operating systems dependent upon popularity), one of which has already created a lot of attention called Shhhh for a working title (which may stay for the first release).


I'm also investigating the possibility of adapting at least one or more of my stories to Screen Writer's format in order to facilitate the possibility of entering into the world of script writing with which I have working experience especially in the theatre of linking storyboard to dialogue elements. If and when that does happen, look for another blog that will contain the screenplay adaptation of the selected stories and possible future writing solely in that format. For those of you interested as well I've been checking out

As far as the stories getting an update, they are coming soon. Finding an opening between local social beatings is getting difficult but one that I will never give up on nonetheless.

About Eavesdropping And Harassment Related To The Prior Post

One of the things that becomes an important issue when you do anything that involves creative property on a computer is keeping it protected long enough to be presented in unaffected format. That means if you are in the process of creating something, nobody else interferes with it by reading over your shoulder and bumping you at the right times to distract you or even by trying to influence what you write.

Locally there seems to be a misuse of technology that allows others to "shoulder surf" another computer remotely and because those who do so locally are close enough to have a direct influence by verbal or sometimes physical interference, this creates a problem for someone who is involved in the creative process whether that be as a hobbyist or a professional. That also opens the door to others possibly taking what you do as you do it to fuel their own career or lives or just outright stealing it for their credit altogether.

It makes protecting my creative output difficult and as well I often have to fight for the credit of my own output by such effort. In addition it makes it difficult corresponding with others as any such correspondence I make is known about in advance and often any ensuing efforts to further life or career goals are sabotaged as a result. In revealing this I'm often painted as being paranoid. As I've said most of this pertains to the culture of my love interest being Oriental which seems to be a big no-no for some people.

Anyway, thank you for your time.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Chapter: Heroes Of Our Own

Good evening to all 

I hope that our neighbours south of the border are looking forward to their festivities and the fourth of July celebration. I have many friends that live there and who have all proven an inspiration to me at various points in my life and whom are still a part of my day to day life whether with me or not. 

Despite our differences as neighbours on opposite sides of the border, I think that we can safely say that we've got your back as often as we can say we get your backside ;-)

Happy Fourth Of July!

I proudly present this addition for the women of Heroes Of Our Own

This is dedicated to all of you out there in the fashion arts industry and to those working on life saving and changing research and volunteer efforts to make life better. As well dedicated to Comic Books creators of the world and to Milla, Mir, Tamela, KH and DH, iJ, FC, SoKo (search my site) and Mom. Each of you heal us in different ways for which I am eternally grateful for. When you combine them amazing things can happen.

Its a very busy set of chapters and there will be some serious turns.

Torman confronts his fears. Monique confronts a friend. Valkyra confronts Hugh. Alicia proves that experience can be far more valuable than power alone. Weltherwithsp lends it's voice to their search. Heylyn unites them, for they are Heroes Of Our Own.


PS. I'm going to prepare for the next attack upon me by my stalkers as they usually time them with any post.

I'm off to enjoy a game of Sims 3 and possibly a bit of Superhero MMO. See you online.

Hold On Momentarily

I hope that everyone's Canada Day was a good one. I spent mine mostly at home resting though it was enjoyable.

The last few days I took quite a beating from my stalkers who of course are amongst those who read this blog and attempt to break down any good presented here. Some live exceedingly close by spend most of their effort in abuse of my time.

They appear to be part of a group that operate under the guise that hate means love and therefore attempt to trick others into reaction in order to go along with such a ploy. Not a pleasant experience to say the least as is being stalked by them. The same group are amongst people who are against my love interest being Oriental though my stories such as A Lady's Prerogative are really for all women and all readers regardless of culture.

So if you see me and I seem a little bit reactive or off, its just my defensiveness against such treatment and please don't read too much into it as it wears on you after a length of time. I'm trying to make sure that such a group don't cause grief for my love interest and the women members of my community, most of whom are quite supportive. There are many good guys around as well, but most of the resistance I experience in relation to the culture of my love interest comes from some of the bad ones. 

I am not a big fan of hate means love and never have been. Just a trick some might use to trick you into supporting something that you really don't or to trick you into dropping what you've stood up for prior to such. There are many meanies that attempt to target this blog for such a deal and to steal I suppose just as there are those who'd rather make you appear a bit "off". If you appear to contradict in public what you write on your blog, the people responsible for "tricking" you into such an appearance believe that you lose the benefit of what your words. 

A sort of contradiction of words versus action, which of course the people doing so are experts at as demonstrated by their reversal of hate to mean love. Really it is just a means to get away with hate and they actually believe they can transfer their bad deeds to others that they can trick into a bad reaction. Some such stalkers call this activity "hate hell", related to their treatment of their victims. Why I'd be in "hell" I do not know. Maybe my defence of World Pride or the nature of some of my stories has them up in arms. As long as they don't start burning Wytches though I'd not put it past them.

Needless to say that has put a damper on the stories for a bit, but I'll recharge and recover soon enough. I have some people trying to imply their association with me whom have none which makes this a scary situation for a guy like myself who has been single for more than four years. I'm not even rich but possibly (in)famous and I already have stalkers. 

Sims Stimulation

On the gaming front, I recently got the Sims 3 from Steam (The Sims 4 was recently released in case you want the latest) for a great price and played it for a long while on the weekend. I've been a long time fan of titles from Maxis like Sim City, Sim Ant and Sim Earth way back in the old days. The sims franchise is a great one and allows you to set out the lives of one or more computer simulated people over the course of their lives. It is addictive and fun and can lend itself to perspective and planning in your own life (minus the mean and nasty stalkers). A game I'd highly recommend to anyone who loves gaming. For the mean time its a great substitute for a social life and relationship (or lauch pad and the planning stage for a future one). I'll have to see what the future brings.

Look for another post tomorrow and until then,

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns