Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Whew! What A Mess That Was...

I`d like to take this time to clear some things up with the characters from my story Heroes Of Our Own.

The character Heylyn is based upon a group of Oriental women that I`ve known in my life personally. Yi Chen, a beautiful woman and human being and a great love of mine is one such woman, whose Canadian name is Helen, hence the name Heylyn. Yi's sense of care and commitment is the foundation of the character Heylyn.

Janet Li, an artist and philosopher of great acumen, she was a lady with whom I've worked at one point in my life and someone who is an inspiration in both her manner and sense of humour. Janet Li's wit is ever present in Heylyn.

Miranda Kwok, who is perhaps one of the first women I`ve known who was so resolutely determined to accomplish anything she set her mind to. She is creative and talented and a long time friend. I miss her greatly and wish the best for her. Heylyn's can do attitude is largely resultant from the inspiration of Miranda.

Katrina, a friend of mine and a creative inspiration of her own. She has attempted and accomplished many artistic endeavors in her life succeeding at many and I wish her the greatest of success.

Jasmine Lee a determined woman who I've seen in the best and worst of times but who always managed to keep her spirits up and inspire others as well including yours truly.

Kelly Hu, the actress and martial artist from such movies as The Scorpion King with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Hugh Jackman in Xmen 2: Xmen United. She is beautiful and a credit to women and a role model as well. She formed much of the basis for the mannerisms of the character and her physical prowess and aspects of her sense of humour as well. If someone were to ever play Heylyn or the Butterfly Dragon on screen, it would have to be Kelly or a protégé thereof.

Last but certainly not least is Yaya Han, the beautiful and talented cosplayer whose costume designs are her fashion work and effort and it is easy to see the results are the work of a professional dedicated to her craft. The fashion arts aspect and obsessive Heylyn is derived from Yaya Han.

Alicia is based upon a real life person, though someone who I knew when I was in my late teen years named Penny Kane. She was beautiful and had always commented to me that she had wanted to be a lab researcher (one of the first people I`ve ever heard say that when she was seventeen). She was clearly a caring and thoughtful person long before the word selfless had entered into my vocabulary.

Monique is based upon a real life lady who took opportunity by the horns from meagre beginnings at her lowest and whom was literally helped along by the modelling community in this city. In the end she succeeded and works regularly as a fashion model for current fashion publications and quarterlies.

Valerie Valkyra is a composite based upon two friends of mine, one named Giselle and the other named Hanna, both of whom were tremendous beauties at the time I knew them and were almost amazonian in appearance and sometimes their nature. They could be both delicate and fun at one moment and then imposing and impending at the other.

It is inspired in large part by the efforts of the fashion industry and my encounters with those who literally used their contacts and influence to bring such opportunities to those who needed a chance.

Lastly it is based upon the efforts of those I've mentioned who conduct research into such diseases and the efforts of stem cell research, genome marker research and some of the projects that benefit from the Boinc and World Community Grid network of distributed computing.

So anyway, that's that. I might take a break from writing for a while and focus on some other things and after today's episode I don't think I'll be up to writing again for a while.

Until then, enjoy heroes and I'll be posting some more articles and content here soon.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Another story finished.

Well I am proud to announce that Heroes Of Our Own is officially finished and available for your reading pleasure (or dismay depending upon your tastes).

I apologize for the lack of recent posts but I've been busy with a lot of other things and fending off the occasional stalker attack and around here it gets pretty bad for that not to mention having others steal what you create as you create it. They seem to use an eavesdropping technology that allows them to steal it as you write it and share it with a large audience of people who are members of a club or collective of some form illegally.

I've got some articles lined up that will highlight a bit more about some of the people that I admire so I will be posting them in the near future and giving light to many of the other creative people I've taken the time to put on this blog. Consider that a coming soon.

To all of those out there creating and fighting the good fight,

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns.